Volume 1- Issue 1-No1 Mar 2014


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OFDM: Modulation Technique for Wireless Communication
Authors : Rashmi.R , Sarala.S.M







Static Analysis and Experimentation of Jute Fiber Reinforced with E-Glass
Author: B.SudhaBindu







Bat Classification based on Perceptual, Spectrum and Cepstral Features in Kalakad Mundanthurai Tiger Reserve
Authors : Gladrene Sheena Basil* , Juliet Vanitharani, Jayapriya K







Image Steganography Using Wavelet Transform And Genetic Algorithm
Authors : Sabyasachi Pramanik, Samir K. Bandyopadhyay







A Study on Data Mining Based Intrusion Detection System

Author : Antony Raj.A







Numeral Structure Base Cryptography Design to Secure Distribution of Internet Assets
Author : U.Vijay sankar







Survey: Elliptic Curve Cryptography using Scalar Multiplication Algorithms  

Authors: kaalidoss Rajamani, Dr.A.Arul L.S







Implementation Secure Authentication Using Elliptic CurveCryptography                 

Author: N.Thangarasu







Access Control Based on Pixel Value Extraction

Author : N.K.PREMA







Design of an Effective Method for Image Retrieval
Authors : S.Selvam , Dr.S.Thabasu Kannan




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